A lyrical poem

By Kelsey Rust

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 10.18.41 AM.png

I’ve been faceless,

once poured with heavy metal to the point of no magneticity

…dissociated by so many in society.

once a thief, a victim, a bearer too young to see these facets of societal realities.

among its highest, the academia has educated me while no doubtable ostracized my reality.

Flying above eyes of wringers, deniers, liars; and those who simply sought pity for me.

No doubt I fight the biggest enemy – my conscious, the toughest battle in my entire brutality.

A fight I’m sure will win in me, as I rise higher than my mind can hold or contain me…

…I am a woman whose toes still wet with fresh life, whose world will no longer deny my authenticity.

Regardless of what I do, or where I’ll be – my empathetic pursuit for those who’ve tasted life’s poison will drive me.